March 23, 2009 Program Summary

“How Can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and
Social Bookmarking Boost Profits?”

Speaker Gregg Towsley
Facing a standing-room only crowd of technical, creative, business, and marketing professionals, speaker Gregg Towsley of WSI Quality Solutions took us on a high-level tour of social media marketing.

Our burning question for the evening was:

What kinds of serious business uses of social media can give us the greatest return on our time and energy investment? Many of the business and professional attendees believed that using Internet-based social media requires time-consuming profile setups, learning curves, frivolous online socializing, and so forth. We were naturally skeptical about whether anyone can use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to do "real work."

We wondered: Can social media be truly useful to our businesses or professions? And how would we know which social media to use for which purpose, without going through a lot of expensive trial and error?

Greg explained that a number of savvy organizations are experimenting with -- and profiting from -- using social media in ways that casual social media users are not. His presentation:

1) Compared the features of social media side-by-side to evaluate the potential business uses of each. Each medium has strengths and weaknesses and was either designed or adapted for specific purposes. Having this information clearly spelled out for us will reduce our future time investment significantly.

2) Discussed case studies of how companies and social organizations are exploiting social media in many lucrative ways.

3) Explained how using social media marketing techniques can help us promote our Web site, business, or profession through social media channels.

4) Educated us on how search engines work and how they interact with dynamic social media content.

Read Gregg's tips, below, and use the links further down to download the presentation and a handout, and access a variety of useful resources.

How Can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and
Social Bookmarking Boost Profits?

by Gregg Towsley

Marketing is no longer a "one way" event! Hundreds of years ago all commerce was face-to-face or one-on-one. Then TV, radio, Yellow Pages, and print ads came along and corporations communicated their messages to millions.

Corporations hid behind a huge wall as their marketing teams blasted out these one-way messages. Social media have changed the entire Internet landscape by letting organizations build relationships, listen to customers, initiate a conversation, and engage their target markets. If your organization does not break down its own wall, you will be left behind!

What is Social Media Marketing?

In its simplest form, social media marketing in breaking down the walls and joining the conversation. It's the process of promoting your Web site or business through social media channels. It is a powerful strategy to get links, exposure, and Web site traffic.

Examples of social media channels include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and WordPress.

Social media marketing connects you directly to your customers to grow your business. Some of the reasons and goals include:

  • Building relationships
  • Listening to customers
  • Joining the conversation
  • Engaging your target market

Does social media marketing sound scary? It is; customers are talking and making buying decision based on their social networks' influence. Adopting his strategy is critical for you to strive in these changing times. The paradigm has shifted and this is a new dynamic marketing media.

For Example, Did You Know...


  • Has over 68 million unique users each month and the sixth largest audience on the Internet
  • 50% of the YouTube community watches all of the videos to the end.
  • 52% of 18–34 year-olds share videos with friends or colleagues often.
  • 73% of YouTube users don’t mind the advertising since it allows the site to be free.


  • More than 24 million photos uploaded daily — No. 1 photo-sharing application on the Web (comScore)
  • Over 24,000 applications have been built on the Facebook Platform — 140 new applications are added per day
  • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college — the fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older.

So, Can Social Media Marketing Boost Your Profits?

The answer is yes! Social media are Web sites designed to help people connect, share information, and opinions. They are growing in visitors and popularity every day. Being part of the conversation, building profiles, connecting with your target market, educating your audience, and listening to your customers are all part of this critical strategy.

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How Can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and
Social Bookmarking Boost Profits?
Date: Monday evening, March 23, 2009

Gregg Towsley has over ten years of combined experience in Internet-based software, product development, marketing, and Internet marketing. He's an Internet marketing consultant certified in search engine optimization (SEMPO) and paid search Internet marketing (Google Adwords Certified).

Owner of WSI Quality Solutions, located in Manhattan Beach, California, Gregg shares strategies that can dramatically improve your organization's approach to Internet marketing.

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