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Prior Event Summaries

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January 2012

January 23 - “Liquid Information: Create Content Once and Reuse It in Many Ways with Dozuki” with Bruce Klickstein, VP of Business Development at

February 2012

February 27 - “Writing for Professionals: Choosing the Best Style for Your Content, Context, and Audience” with Elizabeth McGregor, writer and principal of

March 2012

March 26 - “Seven Ways to Use Information Design to Create Remarkable User Experiences” with Adele Sommers, Ph.D., president of Business Performance Inc.

April 2012

April 23 - “Is Creative Writing the Technical Writer's Playground?” with Leonard Carpenter, Anne Schroeder, Tony Piazza, and Susan Tuttle, members of the SLO NightWriters

May 2012

May 21 - “Collaborative Commerce: Tools, Tips, and Takeaways from an Empowering Economic Trend” with Delia Horwitz and Paula Vigneault, authors of “Collaboration Soup”

June 2012

June 25 - “Three Ways to Use Virtual Collaboration to Grow Your Business and Optimize Productivity” with Erin Hoffman, principal of

January 2011

January 24 - “How to Differentiate Your Product, Your Services, and Yourself in Ways the Customer Cares About” with Dr. Tom Sant

February 2011

February 28 - “How to Analyze Your Web Site to See Which Changes Increase Buying Decisions” with Jeremy LaDuque and Michael Boyer of ELEMENTS, San Luis Obispo

March 2011

March 28 - “How to Survive and Thrive as an Independent Professional in Today's Economy,” a roundtable discussion format

April 2011

April 25 - “How to Manage Your Projects without Really Trying,” with Susan Pittaway, PMP, past Director of SLO's PMI chapter; and Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

May 2011

May 23 - “Strengths QuickStart Clinic: How Solo Professionals and Team Members Can Reduce Stress and Increase Results by Maximizing Their Strengths,” with Jim Seybert, Certified Strengths Trainer

June 2011

June 27 - “How to Get Financially FIT and Use Strategic Partners to Increase Your Business & Theirs” with Melinda Thomas, CFP of FIT Financial, LLC

July, August, & September 2011

Summer break -- no meetings.

October 2011

October 24 - “What Information Creators Need to Know about Designing Content for Mobile Devices” with Randy Scovil and Lana Rausch

November/December 2011

November 28 - “How to Use Video to Market Yourself and Enhance Your Content (& DIY Production Tips)” with Leslie Carol of Flying Colours Media

January 2010

January 25 - “Best Practices for Translating Techno-Geek, Corporate-Speak, Marketing Hype, and Academese into Plain English” with Dr. Tom Sant

February 2010

February 22 - “Best Practices for Explaining Software Programs -- Trends, Tools, and Technologies”with Joe Welinske

March 2010

March 29 - “Best Practices for Using Portfolios to Take Command of Client Meetings or Ace Your Next Job Interview” with Jack Molisani

April 2010

April 26 - How to Write Service Manuals that Empower People with Kyle Wiens

May 2010

May 24 - Using Systems Thinking: Take Your Personal and Professional Results to the Next Level” with Lori Steed

June 2010

June 28 - Go Gaga Over Google with Ted Lester

October 2010

October 25 - “Go Gaga Over Google, Part 2” with Ted Lester

November/December 2010

November 29 - Tips on Testing Your Web Site to Make Sure It's Easy to Use with Megan Farrell of Experts Exchange

January 2009

January 26th - Proposing to Win: How to Write a Winning Business Proposal

June 2009

February 23rd - Video Production in the 21st Century: New Opportunities for the Independent Producer

March 2009

March 23rd - How Can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Social Bookmarking Boost Profits?

April 2009

April 20th - How to Position Yourself as an Expert by Writing a Book

May 2009

May 18th - Cooperative Collaboration: The Virtual Team Approach

June 2009

June 22nd - The Art, Science, and Story of PowerPoint Presentation Design

October 2009

October 26 - “Emerging Trends in Our Local Business and Nonprofit Communities”

November/December 2009

November 30 - “Best Practices for Turning Web Content into Search Engine Snack Food

January 2008

January 28th - Web 2.0 for the SLO Professional: Innovative Solutions Using New Social Media (Part 1)

February 2008

February 25th - Web 2.0 for the SLO Professional: Innovative Solutions Using New Social Media (Part 2)

March 2008

March 24th - Web 2.0 for the SLO Professional (Part 3): Shared Applications and Architecture

April 2008

April 28th - Web 2.0 for the SLO Professional (Part 4): Focus on Mashups and Wikis

May 2008

May 19th - “SLO STC Business & Professional Fair: Achieving Action through Understanding

June 2008

June 23rd - “Fourth Annual Summer Networking Dinner Meeting”

October 2008

October 27 - “Electrons, the Law, and You

November/December 2008

December 1st - “Written Communication for the Attention Age: Five Ways to Add Impact to Your Writing”

January 2007

January 29th - SLO STC meeting - Tips for Negotiating Contract Provisions for Independent Contractors, Employees, and Employers

February 2007

February 26th - “Designing High-Impact, Low-Bandwidth Messages to Help People Act Quickly

March/April 2007

April 2nd - “The 2006 PolyHouse Project,” co-hosted with the SLO region of the Project Management Institute (PMI)

April 30th - “Using Newsletters as Communication & Marketing Tools

May 2007

May 21st - “SLO STC Business and Professional Fair: Achieving Action through Understanding

June 2007

June 25th - Third Annual Summer Networking Dinner Meeting”

September 2007

September 24 - SLO STC Annual Planning Meeting at KCBXnet.

October 2007

October 22 - “Document Design on a Dime: How to Tame Your Unruly Avalanche of Information with Cost-Effective Planning and Publishing Techniques

November/December 2007

November 26 - “Editing & Indexing for High-Impact Publications

January 2006

January 30 - “How to Create and Market Your Own Digital Information Products

February 2006

February 27th - Information Authoring: Applications, Features, and Futures

March 2006

March 27th - “The PolyHouse Project: An Inside Look at a 10-Week Total Transformation

April 2006

April 24th - “Share & Compare Notes & Ideas: Instructional Design, e-Learning, and Flash Revisited

May 2006

May 22nd - “Using the Power of Congruency to Bring More Value to Your Business Communications

June 2006

June 26th - Second Annual Summer Networking Dinner Meeting,” 6:00 p.m.

September 2006

September 24 (Sunday) - SLO STC Annual Planning Potluck on the Cal Poly campus, noon to 3:00-ish.

October 2006

October 30 - “Introduction to Videoblogging

November/December 2006

November 27 - Turning Your Technical Know-How into Entrepreneurial Success

January 2005

January 31st - SLO STC meeting - “How to Publish, Price, and Market Your Own Work

February 2005

February 28th - Create Once and Deliver Many: An Overview of XML and Content Management

March 2005

March 28th - “Share and Compare Notes & Ideas: Using Video in Information Design

April 2005

April 25th - “Quick, Cheap, and Easy Ways to Conduct Effective Usability Testing

May 2005

May 23rd - “Using Focus Groups in Technical Communication

June 2005

June 27th - Summer Networking Dinner Meeting,” 6:00 p.m. (Imperial China restaurant, SLO). RSVP required; please see Next Chapter Event for details.

September 2005

September 25 (Sunday) - SLO STC Member appreciation potluck and annual planning meeting

October 2005

October 24 - “Industry Night on the Central Coast

November 2005

November 7 - Open House at Cal Poly: Technical Communication Portfolio Display and a tour of the amazing “Lumiere Ghosting Project

December 2005

December 5 - “A Crash Course in Flash and Principles of e-Learning

January 2004

January 26th - SLO STC meeting “Share and Compare Notes and Ideas: Tools & Techniques for Estimating Projects

February 2004

February 23rd - “Careers in Web Technology

March 2004

March 22 - “Entrepreneuring on the Central Coast: How to Survive and Thrive on a Start-up Team

April 2004

April 26 - “Marketing and Negotiating Contract Services

May 2004

May 24 - “A Live RoboHelp X5 Demo from Macromedia: Help Authoring Tools Are Not Just for Creating Help

June 2004

June 28 - Secrets for Making Silicon Valley Professional Opportunities Work for You on the Central Coast

September 2004

September 26 (Sunday) - SLO STC Member appreciation potluck and annual planning meeting

October 2004

October 25 - “Professional Liability, Intellectual Property, and Other Hot Legal Issues

November 2004

November 15 - “Designing Web Sites for Accessibility

December 2004

December 13 - “Share and Compare Notes & Ideas: Paper Prototypes, Storyboards, and Mockups

January – February 2003

A two-part SLO STC series: “2003 Career Kickoff”

1) January 27thPersonal Marketing & Creative Approaches to Finding Work
2) February 24th
Self Employment -- A Reason For Setting the Alarm Clock or Do I Really Work at Nothing All Day?

March 2003

March 31st - Creating the Perfect Portfolio: How To Use Electronic and Paper Portfolios to Ace Your Next Interview, Attract New Clients, and Network Effectively

April 2003

April 28th (regular meeting) - Technical Illustration and Animation Strut Their Stuff: Visual and Media Design Principles We Can All Apply

May 2003

May 31st - Secrets of Successful Project Management, a half-day Saturday workshop, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., designed for nonprofits, for-profits, and technical professionals.

June 2003

June 23rd - Visual and Media Design (Part 2): Marketing, Managing, and More

August 2003

August 25th, 6:00 p.m. - What Are We Working On Now? Share & Compare Notes & Ideas

September 2003

September 29th - Six Show-stopping Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid When Developing Content for Global Consumption

October 2003

October 27th - Beyond Information Engineering: An Introduction to Total Customer Experience Design

November 2003

November 17th - Professional Association Networking Night

December 2003

December 15th - Spotlight on the Cal Poly Center for Usability Design, Testing, and Evaluation

October – December 2002

A three-part Fall SLO STC series:Solving Information Challenges in the Workplace

1) October 28thGiving Customers What They Want -- Self-Service via the Web
2) November 18th Keys to Managing Successful Information-Based Projects
3) December 16th If You Build It, Can They Use It? Ensuring the Usability of Interface Designs